Courting Conscious Culture

Our Identity

Courtiers are movers of ideas

In history, they kept court with royalty, artists and the influencers of their day. They worked as ambassadors between kingdoms and could be tasked with the communication of important messages, overseeing the delivery of assets, the execution of military strategy, and were ultimately entrusted to negotiate on behalf of their court and it’s interests.

We see our mission as a continuation of this centuries-old order. We court a culture of personal and planetary transformation, one that has found a unique home in the world of festivals. Although broadly defined, we design in a higher purpose through our Core Principles below. Like our predecessors we are facilitating a renaissance, but a renaissance in meaningful entertainment.

We believe it's not only possible to build authentic brand partnerships within that framework, but truly transformative for our users. Representation exists in every medium, but we're utilizing it as a positive agent of change.

We’re The Courtiers and we’re here to redefine entertainment, let's party with a purpose.

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Core Principles 

  • Captivation: Emphasize Lucid User Environments

  • Cohesion: Unify experience through ceremony

  • Congruence: Support Real-World Modeling


  • Contribution: Focused Social Good Initiative