The Lost Hotel

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@ One Love: Music & Arts Festival

Lake Perris Recreation Area, CA 

Oct 20 - 22

Welcome to The Lost Hotel within One Love Music & Art Festival: Your premier vacation zone of creative and spiritual liberation.

Our modular hotel gives you the blank canvas to reimagine your story from the bottom up. Whether you’re a Bitcoin evangelist, overworked professional, aspiring artist, college kid, thrillseeker, cultural renegade, or just an self-defined ordinary individual looking to expand one’s boundaries of who you are; a brand-new vision of experiential travel awaits within.

We believe that incredible stories are created by outstanding characters. In honor of that, we've not only curated 3 days of inclusive content featuring workshops, elixir bars, and leading talks for our residents in addition to the festival, but brought the brilliant humans behind these ideas into the hotel with you.

The Lost Hotel is also placed centrally inside of the festival for an experience of total immersion. So Surprise us. Shock us. Illuminate us. Do it however you please, and the floor, or at least one square cube of it, is yours. We’re specialized at vacation de-programming and, if needed, can help co-create a new story tailored just for you. Come find yourself at The Lost Hotel!