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Getting Involved

we design activations THAT are available for BRAND INTEGRATION and plug & play WITHIN any LIVE EVENT:


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The Festival Fashion Show Tour

Designing the Triple Win

Our mission is to find ways for brands, events, and fans to work together to create incredible experiences- and that's exactly what this is. We've created a high visibility opportunity for brands to engage authentically with an involved audience, market on-site, and build outstanding content.

THe Show & The Fans

Make no mistake, this show was designed to turn fans of the event into the true celebrities. The models we pick get to strut down the runways of their favorite festivals... and the events we partner with get a captivating production that dramatically amplifies engagement within their existing audience.

Toured 4 major festivals in 2017

  • Gem n Jam FestivalFeb. 2nd - 5th
  • Imagine FestivalSept. 22nd -24th
  • Groove Cruise L.A. - Oct. 6th - 9th
  • One Love Experience - Oct 20th - 22nd

In-House Activations

The Quantum Lounge

Tech-Focused Decompression Space

This health and wellness activation is a perfect, theme-able environment for any event. From virtual reality to light therapy to flavored oxygen bars, we work with leading technology companies to tone this lounge for relaxation, stimulation, or any mood in between. On Whet Travel's Groove Cruise & Oregon Eclipse Festival, we've even coupled this activation with immersive workshops to maximize guest's experience. 

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The Sun Models

Mood Enhancer Campaigns

The Sun Models performance team uses character design to drive attendee engagement and brand loyalty in event spaces all over the country. We've facilitated activations for leading nootropic company KATY LOVE, as well as leading festivals with Insomniac, Relentless Beats, Hades Entertainment, and more. We'll help codevelop themes relevant to your audience, implement them at the perfect event, and capture content on-site.

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The Storyline

Gamified Narrative & Engagement Lounge

If you liked The Oz Experience we co-created for Groove Cruise, we can adapt a gamified story lounge to your brand or event. Designed to drive engagement through a combination of performance and sponsorship, The Storyline is an experience-driven environment for community building, networking, and decompression from the nonstop action of any event.

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VIP Environments

Curated networking activations

Using leading technology such SUBPAC sound vests, we focus on the next generation of sensation-based entertainment. With a focus on the synthesis of previously uncombined technology, we design environments that enhance & encourage users to connect with each other. The user is able to amplify aspects of his or her own personal experience, all the while sharing a totally new play-space with other VIP attendees. This activation is ripe for brand integration, connecting with users in a completely novel environment.

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Leading Representation

We design activations in Collaboration with leaders in experiential entertainment:


The Lost Hotel

Touring VIP accommodations 

Open for experiential activation, this traveling modular hotel sees some of the biggest name festivals in the world. It provides premiere "glamping" experiences including restaurant style dining with international chefs, open bar, and "Participatory Hotel Theatre" to an affluent community of event professionals. The Lost Hotel averages 8k attendees per event and will be in the center of VIP for Oregon Eclipse. Limited spaces are available to debut experiential activations in front of some of the most prominent figures in the event industry.


Cadence & Cause

Gamified Charity involvement

Our partners in Social Good, they've developed a digital platform that connects music artists, fans and worthy charities together to measurably change the world. With a patented social impact tracker, they've gamified the process too.

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Self-Care Entertainment

Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment provides embodied interactive experiences designed to harness the power of mindfulness and video games. This allows the player to effortlessly achieve positive results for their mind and body through meditation, dance, artistic creation, and more.

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Theta Wellness

Non-Invasive Wellness Technology

At Theta Wellness, we partner with INNERgy Development to bring the best of innovative non-invasive technology and alternative medicine to best suit our client’s needs and ease them into a unique healing experience. We use a combination of binaural audio beats, light stimulation, vestibular stimulation, micro-current signaling and nogier frequencies assists the body’s natural healing process and possibly accelerate it.

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360 Dome Pro

large scale Immersive Media

These dome environments are where art, music, and education converge with virtual reality. Playing host to popular visionary artists like Android Jones, and hosting activations for the likes of Pepsi & Intel, these are the perfect spaces to create a raving fan experience. 

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Secret Map

Leaders in Interaction Design

We are world builders, storytellers, and interaction designers shaping new dimensions of human experience.

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