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Previous Activations

The Festival Fashion Show Tour

One of our most iconic sponsorship properties, the Festival Fashion toured to major festivals in 2017, including Gem n Jam, Imagine Festival, Groove Cruise L.A., & One Love Fest. Each saw 30 models represent many unique brands. We offered our partners premier, high-visibility placement within the event and huge on-site engagement. We offer content post event and create amazing experiences for the fans in the process.


ThE Lost Hotel's quantum lounge @ Oregon Eclipse Festival

Partnering with The Lost Hotel we curated a "spa of the future" driven by workshops and leading wellness technology. The lounge featured light therapy, Bioharmonic vibration beds, virtual reality, & a full size sensory deprivation tank. The lounge became a highlight of the festival for many of the hotel's VIP guests.

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Recap of The Oz Experience & Decompression Lounge aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2017


Boom Boom & Sweetpea Dating app @ Groove Cruise L.A.

Working with our partners at Boom Boom Energy we hand-delivered aromatherapy product to the first 1000 Groove Cruisers onboard, offered free and delivered by our gorgeous mood enhancers. We then curated a series of fantasy dates aboard the ship for select attendees with our partners over at Sweetpea. Matching them up and sending them on a curated date experience, again led by our beautiful hosts! 

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Event Experience

Ancient Future Event Series


Ancient ritual meets 21st century technology

This themed monthly event connected local artists and entrepreneurs around dance music. The event also showcased leading technology & performance, bringing activations such as drone racing, sound healings, and social media gamification. Regularly seeing over 500 attendees and continuing for over 6 months, we rallied communities from several major cities in AZ to make this event a success.