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The Courtiers

Activating immersive environments through technology, performance, & impactful partnerships.


What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Lyle's clearly on a freight train of manifestation and synchronicity that is unfolding right now. I've been in festivals for more than a decade, and working with The Courtiers was definitely the most rewarding festival experience I've ever had. The space he puts together pulses with synchronicity, purpose, and connection in a way that epitomizes what transformational festivals are all about."
- Robin Arnott Founder & CEO @ SoundSelf VR
"Working with The Courtiers on our flagship event was such a great treat. They did a good job of getting us sponsors and helping with the set up on the day of the event. They helped take our event to the next level. Thanks again from everyone at Hades Entertainment."
- Theemeoh Hades CEO / Founder @ Hades Entertainment
"It's been a pleasure working with The Courtiers over the last few months. Always on point. We look forward to having them onboard many more of our events and cruises to come!"
Rafi Leibowitz Marketing Director @ The Groove Cruise


"This past year I've had the privilege of working with The Courtiers' Team. They share a level of professionalism and vision that is rare to see in the festival & entertainment industry. The connections and events I've been involved in with them have transformed my company both from on networking community level and on a technology professional level."
Dr. Steve Shwartz Co-Founder & CEO @ Bioharmonics Technologies
"I joined the festival fashion show a bit late, but even with that it was a blast to work with Lyle and The Courtiers Team. You guys were very organized and got some great models/ vendors to walk the runway. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!"
Stacy Bloomer Operations & Vendor Coordinator @ Imagine Festival


Partner Development

Our activations are functional spaces to maximize relationships. We curate introductions to investors, potential clients, and create opportunities to meaningfully expand your reach. We can also help you implement & brand non-profit campaigns, and ultimately leverage our network to help you accomplish your goals.


Collective Sponsorship

WE WORK BETWEEN BUSINESS OWNERS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL PRODUCERS TO CO-CREATE IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS THAT inspire audience ENGAGEment. When it comes to sponsorship, we CAPITALIZE ON collaborative models that encourage SEVERAL BRANDS to work synergistically, RATHER THAN catering to ONE LARGE company. THIS ALLOWS US TO CREATE A HIGH DOLLAR EXPERIENCE WHILE ENSURING a better outcome for everyone involved. 



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